Are Community Managers Undervalued?

Way back in June, I was fortunate to have attended The Art of Marketing to see some of my marketing and communications idols speak. The morning was electric, but the afternoon kicked off with a panel discussion that was, in comparison, relatively subdued. And there was one comment uttered that left me incredibly unsettled. One … Continue reading Are Community Managers Undervalued?

How To Plan for a Blog Hiatus

A while back, I took a bit of a blog break. And during the month or so of not posting consistently, everything that could have turned my world upside down, did. Fortunately, among the bad, there was a lot of good. My little sister got married, I have some exciting new things potentially happening on … Continue reading How To Plan for a Blog Hiatus

Five Networking Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are time-strapped. The day-to-day activities of running a business often push the mere idea of networking right off even most thorough to-do lists. But, networking can be critical to the success of your business – it’s been said that up to 75% of business can come from networking. There’s value (personal, professional … Continue reading Five Networking Tips for Small Business Owners