#ProductivityProject2019 Week Seven – Back to My Old Tricks Again

So, I stuck with the five things to do list for the week last week, and it was mostly great. I learned what I always suspected was true... I’m not, and likely never will be, a natural multi-tasker. Some of that I’m sure has to do with the way I’m wired (brain chemistry is an … Continue reading #ProductivityProject2019 Week Seven – Back to My Old Tricks Again


#ProductivityProject2019 – Week Six

So, I did it. After taking a wee break last week to regroup, find some renewed focus, and get some actual day-job and side hustle work done, I feel so much better. This week’s project started yesterday. The five things to do list. It’s a list that I curate at the end of each day … Continue reading #ProductivityProject2019 – Week Six