I Am Grateful

I haven’t posted recently because I’m tired. I’ve been coping with being the caregiver to a very sick loved one so writing has been the last thing on my mind after I get home from spending the day at the hospital, getting dinner together for the family in the evening and settling the children into… Read More I Am Grateful

My Rebuttal to the Seven Rules For Managing Creative People

Last week, this article, Seven Rules for Managing Creative People by Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic from the Harvard Business Review blog caused quite a reaction online. To put it mildly, most commenters found the condescending tone off-putting, and many wondered if it was an April Fool’s Day post posted a day too late. Indeed, if any employer… Read More My Rebuttal to the Seven Rules For Managing Creative People

Blogging Your Business

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how marketing has become an exercise in story telling. People don’t just want to know what you’re selling anymore, they often also want to know the story behind the product, service or company. “Content marketing” has become the new marketing buzzword, and you’ll often hear people talking about the importance… Read More Blogging Your Business

What Are You Worth?

I was sitting in a session at Podcamp a couple of Saturdays ago (February 23). During the Q&A, someone asked where to find writers for their company blog. The presenter, the president of a public relations firm suggested bidding sites, and mentioned a well-known one by name. While hearing her suggest a bidding site was… Read More What Are You Worth?