80 Days, 8 Lessons

On Monday, I finished a huge 80 day fitness and nutrition program. It was scary, amazing, daunting, and, at the end of it all, empowering. It's not like I haven't made huge commitments to a training plan in the past. I trained for, and ran, a marathon last October. But this felt different. I really … Continue reading 80 Days, 8 Lessons


Why I Work Out

Can I confess something? I actually hate sweat. I don't like feeling it drip down my back, off my face, or under my hands on the floor. But I do it - because I love the way I feel after a hard workout. And it keeps me emotionally well. How Did I Get Here? Bookworm. … Continue reading Why I Work Out

I’m Back (and why I’m changing the focus of my blog)

I bet most of you can relate. You go to work, you come home, you care for your kids or your pets, your parents, your spouse, etc., etc., etc.)... and you lather, rinse, repeat. Day after day. That focus on keeping things rolling on the home and job front means that other things that you … Continue reading I’m Back (and why I’m changing the focus of my blog)

Common LinkedIn Errors – And How to Fix Them

Recently, I signed up for a LinkedIn Premium account. As a result, I've noticed an increase in people who have viewed my profile. It's also allowed me to view a lot more full profiles, and I've started receiving far more connection requests from strangers. LinkedIn is the place where I should be making new business … Continue reading Common LinkedIn Errors – And How to Fix Them