I’m Not A Morning Person Either

I don’t like early mornings. There. I said it. Waking up before the sun? Yuck! Rising from a warm cozy bed to go upstairs to my living room? Gross! Pulling on workout gear before I’m even fully awake? A big nope! And yet, I’ve built a habit of it over the course of a year … Continue reading I’m Not A Morning Person Either


Self care does not mean eat all the things

This time of year is often stressful for many people. And that stress often leads to poor food choices, increased alcohol consumption, a lack of sleep (which exacerbates the food and alcohol consumption), and a lack of activities that soothe your soul. I know it’s a hard habit to break; particularly when people are feeling … Continue reading Self care does not mean eat all the things


Last night, an old friend from high school passed away. I found out about it this morning, predictably, through Facebook. Although she and I hadn't had a face-to-face conversation in nearly two decades, I knew from keeping in touch via social media that she had married her high school sweetheart (a man she fell head … Continue reading Mourning