So You Want A Six Pack…

We’ve all heard the saying that and are made in the kitchen. But what does it mean? And why aren’t abs simply made by working out diligently? Here’s the real talk: six packs? They take some serious discipline. And that means that it’s not just the exercise that matters, it’s also the diet. Science time: … Continue reading So You Want A Six Pack…

Daydreams, Vulnerability, and Quarantine

I’m going to admit that after 10 weeks in what feels like solitary confinement, I’m lonely. I haven’t been writing a lot of late; it’s been difficult to find the words sometimes. I spent the morning putting off work, talking to a couple of friends, daydreaming about better times, and craving physical touch. Physical touch … Continue reading Daydreams, Vulnerability, and Quarantine

Self Care During a Pandemic

I think we can all agree that Covid-19 has created a lot of panic, misinformation, and frankly, unease. Personally, I live in a house with someone who is immuno-compromised, so I’ve been watching the virus, its movement, and the steady progression closely. Watching new cases, including one in my own neighbourhood, develop, Is disconcerting. My … Continue reading Self Care During a Pandemic

How To Find A Personal Trainer That Works for You

So, you’ve decided that you’d like to take a step to fitness by hiring a personal trainer. That’s amazing! Personal trainers are often a great investment in your health - particularly at the beginning of your fitness journey when you’re looking for a great foundation on which to build a healthy lifestyle that lasts. But, … Continue reading How To Find A Personal Trainer That Works for You