Beyond Initial Motivation: Keep Going

We’ve talked a lot on the blog lately about motivation and planning. Getting started is often the biggest step, and the hardest one to take. But, what happens beyond that initial step? What does it take to keep your health and wellness journey going?

While some people see their initial results, and it motivates them to keep going, jut as many see those results, and go back to their old habits. Why is that? Our brains are designed to see how we can get maximum results from minimum effort.

So, when that motivation to keep going wanes, what can we do? Lots of people have different strategies, but mine has always been to think about they why.

Why did I start working out in the first place? Why am I mindful of what I eat? My whys are pretty simple:

I like the way exercise gives me more energy.

I like that I’m setting a healthy lifestyle example for my children.

I’m undoing a cycle of unhealthy and disordered dieting.

I’m giving myself the gift of showing up for me.

I’m working on my ability to focus, my ability to regulate my mood, and staying off medications where I can.

Reminding yourself of your whys is a critical step, but what are some other ways to keep moving?

I tend to do a couple of things: I write down my goals and my whys in a place where I can see them, especially if I find myself slipping in any way. And I also keep a visual reminder of how far I’ve come. Whether it be stars on each day I workout in my calendar, or big x’s through workouts on a calendar on my fridge. I’ve done both. And both are great visual cues.

Finally, it’s also about rolling with change. If you’ve been working out and eating well for a while, plateaus are bound to happen. Yes, it’s frustrating, but that’s the perfect time to change it up. Trying something new, even when it may be a challenge, may also bring that motivation back.

How about you? What other strategies do you have to stick with it when you’re feeling less than motivated? What tricks have you used to push through those mental roadblocks?

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