20 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2020

Last week, I reflected on 19 things that made me happy, made me think, or taught me lessons in 2019.

This week, I’m sharing 20 things that I’m looking forward to, goals I’m setting, and intentions I have for the year ahead. September may always feel like the start of a new year for me, but January 1 marks the start of a whole new decade. So, with that playing in the back of my mind, it’s a very good time to think about what I want from this year ahead, and beyond.

Here’s the top 20 list of things I am looking forward to over the next year:

  1. More speaking engagements, and more opportunities to share knowledge in the digital marketing and social media space. Building my professional capabilities, and my personal brand, has always been important to me
  2. Running TWO marathons. One in May, and one in October. There’s enough training time left for the first, and enough recovery time between the two to make that goal happen
  3. Recovering the strength and flexibility I lost while sick and injured for weeks on end from the end of 2018, and through most of 2019
  4. Developing a more consistent personal style. I love ‘50s-style vintage, and I love a good goth/punk look. I’m looking forward to figuring out how I can make the two work together
  5. Side hustles – spending time building my health and fitness coaching while also taking on intermittent social media and digital marketing gigs so that I keep my skills alive in other fields besides wealth management and professional services
  6. Quality time with my kids. Having them half the time means the hours I’m with them need to count. We don’t need to do everything, but we do need to stay connected and close. They are my heart
  7. Quality time with friends and loved ones. This is the year I actually make plans with people, and follow through with those plans, as often as I can
  8. Entertaining at home more. The drinks and food are cheaper, but the conversations are just as rich and meaningful as they are when had over overpriced restaurant food. And if people eat or drink too much? There’s always a pull-out couch to crash on
  9. Starting as a mean to go on. For me, that means that January 1 will include a run, a manicure, some reading, and time with the kiddos
  10. Hiring a cleaning service. I’m going to take the advice I received from someone during a panel to heart – if I don’t lie je doing it, or it takes up too much of my time that could be spent on something more important to me, outsource it
  11. Being more present. Which means taking the advice of a loved one and giving meditation another go
  12. Keeping up my regular therapy appointments. They’re good for me, and my brain thanks me for it
  13. Helping my daughter choose which universities she’d like to apply to. And marvelling at the fact that she’s so close to being done her secondary school education
  14. Reading more – instead of a mindless game on my phone during my commute, tune into an audiobook, or bring along a good book for the ride. It doesn’t take up much space, and it’s good for my brain. And it doesn’t hurt that the moms I’ve known forever have been talking about reinstating our book club…
  15. Getting back on track with meal planning. It’s easier when I have a training schedule to stick to, after all
  16. Finishing a few outstanding projects that I keep putting off. I have a giant, gorgeous cross stitch project that keeps taking a back seat
  17. Quitting Candy Crush. Nobody needs to beat more levels. And it’s a giant time suck. Maybe not quitting, but definitely cutting back. After all, my training time should take care of most of that for me
  18. Sharing some of the notes I take when I taste new wines on social media, and continuing to bring interesting finds to friends and family when we have get-togethers
  19. Continuing the work I did in 2019 in starting to stand up more for my needs, and being more assertive about my own thoughts and feelings
  20. Enjoying the year. Not getting wrapped up in the small annoyances or petty feelings. And staying true to me, and the needs of my children

That’s it! While I’m not setting resolutions again this year, I’m optimistic that my staying my intentions to live life more fully, I’ll be true to the 20 things I am most looking forward to in this new year.

How about you all? What’s on your mind for 2020?

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