Busy, Busy, Busy (but that’s no excuse)

It’s December, and that means every holiday is happening within the next month. Well, not every holiday, but there sure are a lot of them in the next little while. Which means lots of time spent buying gifts, visiting with family and friends, attending parties, (and if you’re like my family, playing dreidel for gelt, and then watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Hey, we do it up right in my house).

The point is, it’s a season of busy. It’s a time when we feel we need to do all the things; often at the expense of our own time and sanity. It often means that the first thing to go is our nutrition and our workouts. Which are the two things we can count on to give us enough energy to deal with all the things on our plates.

Instead of skipping it, how about we redefine it? Instead of saying that there’s no time to fit in that run, or that class, or that couple of hours of meal prep, think of it differently. That half hour you spend on a workout is only two percent of your day. That’s it. Two. Percent. But it can fuel a day’s worth of energy. Spending 15 minutes whipping up a yummy (healthy) lunch at home saves you from having to stand in a lunch line up later in during the day, and also saves you a bit of cash to spend on presents for loved ones (or a new piece of workout gear for you…)

And if you can’t fit in that workout in the morning, is there another time you can? Do you have time at lunch? Can you do a short HIIT workout for about 15 minutes instead? Can you keep a few healthy non-perishable snacks at the office? Can you make sure you hydrate during the day?

Most of all, it’s about making sure, even when you hardly feel you have time to breathe, to make the space for you. Schedule it like you would all the holiday parties on your agenda. And remember, putting yourself first is not being selfish during this busy time of year. It’s a way of bringing your best self to others by taking care of your own health and well-being

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