The Last-Minute Gift Guide for the Jocks in Your Life

We’re only a couple of weeks away from Christmas! Panic time! What are you getting your fitness-inclined person? Have you been searching for the perfect gift, and just don’t know what they’ll love?

Never fear! This short list of amazing things almost every fitness lover will adore will hopefully give you some ideas (and maybe encourage you to join them on their next run or gym date?)

Winter running gear: hats, mitts, buffs, headbands. The list is endless and there are possibilities at every price point. The important thing is to always look for merino wool, or technical fabrics. Cotton and acrylics hold sweat next to the body, causing blisters and your runner will be cold, damp, and miserable.

Lined running tights: a little more expensive, but toasty warm for those cold New Years Day runs. My favourites are from Nike, but even your local Gap or Old Navy has quality workout gear for great prices.

Yoga Mat and/or a foam roller: I personally love my Manduka mat. I love the durability and the weight. They come in fun colours, and their Welcome Mat starts at about $50. Don’t forget to throw a mat bag or a strap in their stocking, too! Why? Because most runners forget that stretching is critical to performance. Tight muscles don’t fire as quickly. And a foam roller? It hurts so good for those same tight muscles.

A Water Bottle: Hydro Flasks are fairly popular now, but S’well still makes a great insulated bottle, and there’s always the classic Klean Kanteen. From a wearable perspective, Fuel Belts or Camelbacks allow your outdoor athlete to take their hydration system with them, and drink from them quickly and easily.

Nutrition: If you have an endurance athlete in your life, they tend to eat while performing their sport. Take note of their preferred fuelling food or gel, and buy them some. Don’t know where to start? My favourites are Jelly Belly Sport Beans, and Honey Stingers. Both are vegetarian, but not vegan. Double-check if your athlete has dietary preferences or restrictions before you buy.

A smartwatch: For the extra-special athlete in your life, a smart watch is about the most luxurious gift you can give. I’ve personally been lusting after an iWatch for nearly forever, but Garmin is pretty much the gold standard for runners since they were introduced.

Hopefully this makes shopping for your fitness-inclined loved ones a little less stressful. With luck, your gift will be the hit of the season.

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