May 3, 2020

Four weeks ago, I made a new commitment. Another marathon in Spring 2020. It’ll be my second full marathon.

I punched the data into my Nike Run Club app, and I have a plan. I have a goal time. I have a cross training schedule.

While I was bitterly disappointed that an injury in fall 2018 nagged me through the winter, and a long illness in the spring impacted my training to the point I didn’t race at all this year, I feel ready now.

Am I making sacrifices? Absolutely. It means that I’m back to watching how much I drink when I’m out with friends or partners, and ensuring I eat well at least 90% of the time. It means that I am going to bed earlier most nights to get the sleep I need to rest my body. It means my Saturday or Sunday mornings are spent strapping on running shoes and braving the early-winter cold to run for a really freakin’ long time. And sometimes, it means sucking it up and going to the gym up the street because it’s just too slippery to run outdoors on a treadmill (aka, the dreadmill). It also means early mornings grabbing weights and doing my core work on schedule because a strong body (especially a strong core) equals a stronger runner.

What I’m trying to say is this: when you want something – be it to complete a marathon, a better job, to start a business, whatever – you need to plan. But, you also need to account for real life. Plan for things to go well, and they likely will, but build in those contingencies for when things go awry, and be willing to roll with it.

Which is exactly what I’m doing with the training. Enough to be ready. To hit my goal time, and to finish strong. With enough flexibility to work around inevitable work deadlines, family matters, and whatever else life throws my way. And to keep me honest, I’ll also be posting what I’m doing in my accountability group daily (as will my other participants with their programs of choice), and to my other social platforms frequently. Feel free to follow my journey – links to my social profiles are to the right on my home page.

But, in the meantime… what do you want to be ready for? And, more importantly, what are you going to to do get to your goal?

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