Anyone with a body can be an athlete (and anyone with a heart can be a coach)

I did a guided run this morning with the Nike Run Club App. The run was called, “I Need a Win” – a 30 minute run where Coach Bennett (a Nike Run Club Coach) outlines the wins – as simple as putting on your running shoes to as complex as running through sadness, stress, life changes.

The Nike app is the one I’ve used since I started training seriously. It’s the one that has all my times recorded. The half marathons, the marathons, the personal bests when I wasn’t even trying for one. They’re all there. I can scroll through and look at everything. The run streaks. The weeks left blank because I sick, or injured, or not feeling it. The sucky runs.

Today, one of the things that was said is the title of this post: anyone with a body can be an athlete. Anyone with a heart can be a coach. Said in relation to the fact that we’re often hardest on ourselves when it comes to our performance – athletic or otherwise.

I would have never referred to myself as an athlete. Even after running seven half marathons. Even after a full marathon. I still didn’t see myself as an athlete.

But conversely, I have always been more comfortable with the moniker of coach. It’s amazing how much easier it is to be kinder and more supportive of those in my health and fitness challenge groups. There’s something to be said for the fact that we’re always kinder to others than we are to ourselves.

Think about it: how many times in a day do you put aside the heart, and say mean things to yourself? How many times do you beat yourself up for minor transgressions? A lot, I bet.

And that’s where the heart needs to come back. No matter if you’re coaching yourself through a tough run, or coaching others through their fitness journey, heart matters.

So, what are you planning to do today in order to call yourself an athlete? Better yet… what are you doing today to be able to call yourself a coach?

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