Time Out

The past couple of months have been a blur of activity. A new job, kid-related stuff, partners, and so much more. Trying to fit my workouts and healthy eating into that schedule was madness, but for the most part, I did pretty well.

But, the Labour Day weekend came, and getting out of town was a must. Making plans to visit the southern end of Prince Edward County with a dear one made the weeks between mid-July and the last summer weekend fly by. Next thing I knew, I was on a train escaping the busy city and into the country.

I slowed down. I took two days out of my workout schedule. I drank wine, and ate amazing food. We talked into the night. I voraciously read a book. I interrupted myself constantly to point out livestock along the way (a treat for a city girl), laughing at the childishness of doing so. I took in breathtaking vistas that no picture can accurately capture.

Why does this matter? Because we all need a time out sometimes. Even the most disciplined of us need to step out of our routines now and then. We need to take the time to replenish.

A journey to health and wellness isn’t just a matter of how many workouts you do in a week. Or how many salads you enjoy. It’s also about nurturing your spirit, and being mindful of when you need that mental space.

What has this done for me? Well, it’s the first morning back at work after the weekend for me. I’m returning with some serious mental clarity. With some renewed focus because I got to indulge my senses, and my creative side, while daydreaming in vineyards, and talking with artisans.

Time outs matter. Making space for a mental housekeeping matters. What are you planning to do to get out of your routine so you come back renewed and refreshed?

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