Ten Thoughts During a 10k

I went for my weekly long run over the weekend. At this point in my training, my long runs should be much longer, but I suspect that I will have to drop back to the half in October, and run a different marathon in November. I’ll give it another week, and see how I feel.

But, it was a good run, and my mind wandered a bit. I tend to do some of my best thinking as I’m watching the kilometres tick by, and the time fly.

In that spirit, here are ten things that crossed my mind while out running a 10k

  1. I need to reframe my runs – instead of saying, “I have to run,” I should be saying, “I get to run.” Being able to run, to move, is a gift. I need to start thinking of it that way
  2. People don’t play enough. Grownups especially. We let our jobs, our kids, our obligations get in the way, and we forget how. We need to start playing again
  3. Is that my hip acting up? That better not be my hip acting up
  4. I just swallowed a bug. Can I even call myself a vegetarian anymore?
  5. I love the language of runners. We’re all running out here by ourselves, and yet, it’s always the little acknowledgements of each other. The smile, the head nod, the flashed wave or peace sign. It really feels like a community. I love it
  6. Do I ever have to go home? Can I just keep doing this forever?
  7. Why is the prompter referring to miles when he talks about distance. I chose the 10k run from the guided runs. Math is NOT what I came out here to do. At all
  8. What am I going to meal prep this week? Better yet, what am I going to eat when I get home from this run? Food, food, food. Yay for food
  9. What does my schedule look like? Can I fit a yoga class or two in this week? Or is it ridiculous to try? Either way, I need to update my calendar when I get home. And find the time to find some mindfulness
  10. I wonder what the weather will be like next weekend. I suppose I should pack for both warm and cold, and hope for the warm. Either way? Wineries. And dear friend time. That’s all I care about

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