Coming Back To Wellness

Wow! It’s certainly been a while since I last posted.

Turns out, that illness I posted about lingered, and lingered, and lingered… almost 10 weeks of some form of cold and cough, ending with a few weeks of a scratchy voice and sore throat. I was misdiagnosed twice before going to my regular family doctor, with a slight assertion that it was all in my head by two of the three doctors (my family doc being the exception. She took me seriously). That could start a whole other rant about how women’s health symptoms are frequently ignored until it’s dangerous and/or deadly, but that’s a whole other post for another day.

Ten weeks of simply holding it together and sleeping whenever it was possible. Feeling good enough, or energetic enough to work out, was rare.

So here we are. In ten weeks, I’ve gained about five pounds. I have a little bit of a curve to my belly. I don’t have the stamina I did. I’m certainly not as flexible as I was (I put the yoga membership on hold). My skin isn’t quite as glow-y (is that even a word?), and I feel more days of mental fog than mental clarity.

Of course, all of this also means that I’m playing some serious catch-up on the marathon training front. I’m going to have to re-evaluate my fitness level at the end of this month again to see if it’s even possible. My fingers are crossed, and I’m ready for the tough work that’s going to have to be done.

As for #ProductivityProject2019, it also got put on hold. When you’re focused on healing yourself, you have to prioritize. And my priority was getting well.

My plans to grow my business also got sidelined. It’s hard to set an example of health and fitness when you get out of breath getting out of bed in the morning. I still cheered my current group on as they were striving.

BUT… on the personal brand and career growth perspective, I’ve managed to hit it out of the park! A new job with more responsibility and a really cool mandate, a speaking engagement at the end of August, and an invitation to speak at a digital marketing conference in September. We’re halfway through the year, and I’ve clearly accomplished that one goal. Now it’s time to keep that momentum going, and make sure that more of these good things continue.

Overall, I’m where I want to be on one of my three annual goals. And that makes me pretty happy.

Of course, when you fall off the wagon, it’s sometimes really difficult to get back to it – especially when your fitness levels are not where they were. It’s discouraging. So I’m going to start with just one. Just one workout. Just one run. Just one healthy meal. Just one more glass of water. Because at the end of the day, just one more healthy choice is one more step towards long-term, sustainable, healthy choices.

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