Nutrition is a Journey

I‘m the first one to tell you that the scale doesn’t matter. That non-scale victories often tell us more about our fitness levels, and our progress, than the scale ever will. Easy enough to say… until you’re staring at the number on the display, and you see that since this time last year, you’ve put on weight. And not the kind of weight that shows you’ve been putting time in at the gym.

I was shocked, but not surprised. I knew that my pants were feeling a little tighter. I knew that I was starting to get a little bit more squishy-ness in my belly, and around my back. I knew that my stamina for push-ups and cardio wasn’t quite where it was this time last year.

But it was the proof I needed that I’d been letting my eating habits slip for a little too long.

I can’t point to a single person who doesn’t look at food as either as a comfort, a reward, or as stress relief. Food to each of us means something different, but we all know that the salt, fat, and sugar that go into processed foods tastes yummy! And many of us are taught that food equals love. Most of us can point to big family meals for holidays, or special events as times where the table was filled with all the good stuff. Even if we can’t we have definitely seen it in movies and on television. Food is a unifier.

Which is why I dislike diets. Balanced eating isn’t about restricting certain foods for a time, losing weight, and then going back to your old habits. Diets teach you deprivation in the short-term to get results… in the short term. They don’t teach you how to have a healthy, lifelong relationship with your food. They definitely don’t teach you to see food as fuel for your body. You put the premium fuel in, and you get premium results. You fill the tank with the low-end fuel, and well, you get low-end results.

For me, that move towards lower-end foods, and how I usually approach nutrition was coupled with an injury, an uptick on how much I was going out with friends, and a period of work events. That glass of wine that should have been a treat was no longer a one one night a week treat with friends. It was the work event glass with colleagues. It was the working lunch “just one glass”. It was the date night go-to. Meals at restaurants that should be treated as occasions became regular meals. Portion sizes – of the wrong foods – grew as a result… while my activity level slowed down.

That’s why I’m excited to start putting myself back on track. Beachbody just released a new program that I’m excited to be using. With the premise that this isn’t a diet – I can still eat foods I love – it’s all about healthier foods, healthier portions, and a healthier mindset to what we eat every day. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you, and if you’re interested in signing up, let me know! Shoot me an email, or leave me a comment and we’ll connect.

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