#ProductivityProject2019 – Lucky Week 13

This week is going to be a bit of a departure week for me… our floor at work is moving, it’s my son’s birthday, and I’m going away this weekend. That’s a whole lot of things to do. At work, it means purging nearly three years of clutter from my desk. At home, it means cleaning up the house, baking a cake, and packing for a weekend of wineries (and a lot of laughs along the way).

I’m definitely going to stick with the running to-do list that works so well for me – at least most of the time. When I get that few minutes of time – you know the ones, when you don’t have quite enough time to get immersed into a large project, but you have enough time to get something big done – that’s when I like to plug in those one-off tasks on that to do list.

But this week, I’m going to focus more on personal productivity. I have a list as long as my arm of stuff that I keep saying I should do, but by the time I get home, I have zero energy, or I find something more fun to do, or I hope someone else will do it.

I’m taking 20 minutes a day to do a task that needs doing around my house. Here’s the plan:

  • Monday was 20 minutes was a post-weekend de clutter and folding some laundry
  • Tuesday is sweeping and mopping
  • Wednesday I have an event, but I’m still going to have to do some laundry if my goal is to actually wear clothing
  • Thursday I’ll bake a cake and give the bathrooms a good scrub
  • Friday – ice cream for dinner and cake for dessert (and packing. Oh, the packing)
  • Saturday, Sunday, and Monday – three days of vineyards, morning vinyasas, friend time, and no stress

Overall, the time between now and the end of the summer is going to be busy – personally and professionally. Setting these habits now makes it easier later.

What are you planning to do this week to make it a more productive week than last?

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