#ProductivityProject2019 Week Five

Can I just start by saying how much I loved taking the time to read this week?

I finished The War of Art – it was a solid kick in the pants for me, particularly around treating my creative side like my profession. Which, technically, it is.

While I don’t think it made me more productive to read for a half an hour each day, it did give me time to reflect and slow down a little bit. Arguably, you could say that I was able to increase my ability to focus. It also helped me unwind and sleep better… because I wasn’t staring at a screen all the time.

For sure this is something I will make more space for in my life. I forgot how much I love to read.

This week? I’m taking a short break from the project. A few friends have asked for some help – with proofreading stories, editing case studies, resumes, position papers, and websites. And I’m also incredibly busy with my day job.

I also need to focus on my own writing for this blog, and on growing my fitness business. And that takes a little time each day to get moving.

Stay tuned for a new hack next week!

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