#ProductivtyProject2019 – week one wrap-up

Here week are, one week into a productivity challenge that should, if all goes according to plan, take me through to the end of the year!

The aim is simple: I sometimes struggle with motivation and focus. But there are hundreds of thousands of books, blog posts, experts, articles, etc., etc., etc. that all talk about different productivity hacks that are supposed to make you more successful. So, each week, I’m trying one out. Seeing how it feels, and reporting back.

This past week, my hack was meditation. Every morning, with the help of the Headspace app, I spent five minutes focusing on clearing my mind.

Did it work? Honestly, it was hard! I’m not the quietest person, and I definitely don’t sit in stillness that much. Meditation for me has always incorporated movement. Running for me was very much a guarantee I’d be in meditative state by the first three or four kilometres of the run.

Sitting quietly for five minutes each morning certainly cleared my head, but the feeling didn’t last as long as I hoped it would. By the time I had to work out, get lunches ready, wake the kids, and get to work, that clear-headed feeling was gone. Which meant I was heading into my work days with the same scattered mind I had been before.

I don’t know if the benefits of meditation can really stick within a week. I’ll likely revisit this one, but maybe at different times of the day. Perhaps before bed to sleep a little easier. Maybe in the middle of a busy workday to to try open my mind to creative ideas or solutions. But first thing in the morning just meant that the hustle and bustle of the morning got in the way of the benefit of that clarity for me.

This week? I’m journaling. Writing a page a day to clear out my head, and kick-start my creative energies. Journaling apparently has the following benefits:

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased focus
  • Increases creativity
  • Helps keep you manifesting your goals
  • Helps you process your emotional state, becoming clear on your state of mind, and potentially clearing out emotional roadblocks

So here we go. A journal page a day will apparently do all this, and more for me.

I’d love to have people join me on Productivity Project 2019! Let me know if you’re doing this or something similar! I’d love to hear your story and your “why” for doing this.

Here we go on Day One of the second week of Productivity Project 2019!

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