I’m Not A Morning Person Either

I don’t like early mornings. There. I said it.

Waking up before the sun? Yuck! Rising from a warm cozy bed to go upstairs to my living room? Gross! Pulling on workout gear before I’m even fully awake? A big nope!

And yet, I’ve built a habit of it over the course of a year and a bit. I now get out of bed, and get a workout done, before the rest of the house wakes on most mornings.

Here’s how I’ve been able, despite not being a morning person, to get there:

  • I prepare the night before. My workout gear for my morning workout is laid out and ready. If I have yoga, my mat and my gear is next to my work bag and ready to go
  • Nights I know I’m going to struggle with the early hour? I wear my gear to bed
  • At home workouts! Seriously. The idea of having to actually leave my house in the morning is abhorrent. BeachBody on Demand? My lifesaver, and one of the keys to my consistency over the past year and a bit
  • Zero excuses. Morning workouts take commitment. And not a commitment to tapping snooze. I can sleep a little bit extra on my yoga days, and I remind myself of that so I don’t oversleep on morning workout days
  • Valuing the alone time. I have two kids, a full time job, friends, and my coaching business. Getting solo time is pretty much like finding a unicorn. My morning workouts are the time I focus solely on me. It gives me a good frame of mind with which to start my day, and a little breathing room before I’m thrown into my day-to-day

Overall, by nature though, I’m still very much a night owl. I don’t think that will ever really change. But setting these habits has helped get me there.

Let me know – are you a night owl or an early bird? Were you always that way?

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