#ProductivityProject2019: Week Four

Over the past week, I took the time to start with a win. And... I loved it! Starting with a win was tough for the first couple of days. I’m used to getting to work and jumping into my email straight away. Which means, as many of you can understand, my to-do list gets derailed … Continue reading #ProductivityProject2019: Week Four

#ProductivityProject2019 – Week Three

I did indeed journal this week, and I have to admit, I'm not a fan. I've always done it off and on, whenever I've felt like I needed to work through something, but I've never done it consistently. For my day job, I spend a lot of time writing. For my blog, I spend a … Continue reading #ProductivityProject2019 – Week Three

#ProductivtyProject2019 – week one wrap-up

Here week are, one week into a productivity challenge that should, if all goes according to plan, take me through to the end of the year! The aim is simple: I sometimes struggle with motivation and focus. But there are hundreds of thousands of books, blog posts, experts, articles, etc., etc., etc. that all talk … Continue reading #ProductivtyProject2019 – week one wrap-up