The Productivity Project

“What if I Fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?” – Erin Hanson

2019 is all about setting big goals and addressing big challenges for me – personally and professionally.

Last year, I did something similar, but it was far more private. I kept a lot of what I did, and the goals I committed to achieving, to myself because I was scared. Scared of failing spectacularly in a very public way. Scared of putting myself out there as much as I should. And, though I’d very much embraced the spirit of a year of yes, there were still things I second-guessed myself on.

Well, no more of that. This is the year I do two things: I risk publicly failing spectacularly, and I believe in my own abilities (while recognizing my limitations).

This is where the productivity project comes in.

I know that I sometimes struggle with staying focused. Especially when it comes to a few things: tasks I don’t like (or finishing up the boring bits at the tail end of a project), and things that I may not be good at straightaway. The tasks I don’t like? Well, that’s easy. I’m a bit of a crow that sees a shiny object. If something newer or more fun presents itself, I’m there for it. The things I’m not good at? Well, see my earlier paragraph about a fear of public, spectacular failures.

There are thousands of hacks, tips, and articles on the habits of ultra-successful people out there. Each week, I’m going to choose a new “hack,” work with it for a week, and keep track. Did it help? Get in the way? Was it too time consuming? Those that work, I’ll consider adopting permanently. Those that don’t? I’ll bin them.

This productivity focus will also help me with my three other big goals this year: building my coaching business, achieving more career successes, and running another marathon. All of these things require that focus, and that willingness to find creative ways through my known limitations.

As with all goals – as I talked about in my post about goal setting, and starting with a why – I’ve done exactly that. Each of my goals has a why, and a plan, attached.

Each week, I’ll put out a couple new blog posts – one with a focus on physical and mental health and fitness (as I always do each week), and the other a wrap on the hack of the week. Follow my social channels for more frequent updates.

The first week? I’m going to meditate each morning for seven days, starting January 1st. Meditation is said to help you visualize your successes, clear your mind for a more focused and productive day, and reduce stress. If that’s the case, I’m willing to give it a shot (even though I am quite unused to sitting quietly without my mind wandering).

Tell me what you’re focused on improving this year – I’d love to help!

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