Falling off the wagon

Real talk time…

Summer was a wonderful blur of nights out, dinners, and weekends away. Those long, sultry nights stretched into the fall. And now we’re into the winter. And I’m going to admit my fitness and nutrition routine was the first casualty of all that fun. Add in an injury, a lack of sleep, and a busy season at work, and suddenly, I’m heavier and far less toned than I was five months ago.

Some of that was also a lack of motivation. I felt like I just didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to work out. I didn’t want to eat well.

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t at one point realized their desire to work out, or eat well, was gone. But how do you get it back? Is it even possible? Here are a few ideas to find your groove again.

  1. Make a date with yourself. Write it down, and treat it like you would an important meeting
  2. Just freaking start again. Stop making excuses. Learn to feel a little FOMO if you have an early yoga class or home workout and need to get home to sleep. Or if don’t want to drink the empty calories during the week. Leave the party early. It’s okay
  3. Remember WHY you love it. Make a list if you need to. But a reminder to yourself what you love about fitness and nutrition makes it easier to go back
  4. Promise yourself non-food rewards. Went back to a fitness regime? Amazing! Self-high five! Finish a whole week of workouts and/or healthy eating? Pick up that cute hairband or sweet tank top. Some people give themselves a dollar for every workout. And once they add up to a certain dollar value, they spend it on new workout gear. Who doesn’t ALWAYS want new workout gear?
  5. If food is the problem, do some meal prep to make sure you have a well-stocked fridge and pantry so you can pull together healthy meals quickly
  6. Stop buying crap foods you’ve started to allow back in your diet. It’s a lot harder to reach for ice cream when you didn’t bring home a pint from the store
  7. Try a new routine or class. Sometimes, it’s just something new that will give you that spark to continue

I’m pleased to say after trying a few new things, and not feeling too much love for them, I’ve gone back to an 80 day fitness program that I know is fun, and will get results. But this time, instead of adding running to the schedule as well, I have two weeks of unlimited yoga to use at a local studio. I’ll report back on how a runner feels about being asked to slow down in a few weeks!

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