My Fitness Basket (Or, Working Out in a Tiny Space)

I recently had someone object to working out at home because, “their space is small and cluttered.”

I get it. But guess what? I live in a small two-bedroom with three other people. And all of our stuff. And I make it work.

How? Well, a few ways:

  1. I work really hard to keep clutter at bay. A short, daily routine of everyone picking up and putting away. And strategic storage. Almost every piece of furniture has drawers, or cupboards, or some sort of built-in storage – this has been the best choice
  2. Minimal equipment. A few sets of weights, a foam roller, a few resistance bands, and a yoga mat. It’s all I need to get a full body workout. I have been considering adding a door frame mounted pull-up bar, but that won’t take up too much space
  3. My fitness basket. I have a basket where all of my stuff lives. It sits in the living room, next to the TV. I see it, and every time I want to be lazy, motivation comes from being taunted by my gear
  4. I’m also a runner. So a lot of my workouts are outside. I also have a good-sized private outdoor space where I can take my workouts when the weather is lovely As well

So, small space workouts? Not a problem! The only thing standing between you and success – even in a tiny apartment – are your excuses.

Let’s get it done.

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