It’s Halloween…

Ah, Halloween…

The time of year when children trick or treat… and the adults binge on the candy.

The lead-up is always hectic. Deciding what to be, getting the costumes ready, planning the best routes to get the best treats, and buying all the sweets.

But stop! Before you take a step towards the candy that you have stashed in the cupboard for the big night, pause for a second…

And eat some of it! Seriously. If your diet is mostly healthy, Don’t beat yourself up over two or three mini chocolate bars (just don’t eat the entire bag…)

I know that sounds weird from someone who is invested in health and fitness, but I’m also human.

Now, excuse me. There are some mini Reece’s peanut butter cups calling my name. And they go really well with a California Syrah.

We’ll be back to our regular healthy living advice next week.

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